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This case lets you disguise your Apple watch as an iPod

It’s unbelievable, but iPods are considered oldschool today. Anyone who misses it and would like to go down memory lane: here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

And in the beginning there was the iPod – alright, not so much in the beginning, as Apple released the first generation in 2001. Still, the iPod was the device that gave rise to the iPod Touch, and then to the iPhone. No wonder we look back on our beloved iPod Nano filled with nostalgia.

Joyce Kang and C.O Design Lab also share this feeling, so much so that they found a way of bringing the iPod experience back to 2020. They designed an iPod-shaped case which slides right over the Apple Watch body and which you can use with all of its up-to-date functions while enjoying the nostalgic vibe it comes with.

Source: Yanko Design

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