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Timeless pieces for every season | Hungarian brand Manuela renews

Collage patterned, gender free clothing collection this time not only for children – come and explore the novelties of Hungarian brand Manuela.

Manuela Maráczy’s previous collection Sun Stones was still dominated by large-brimmed hats and ruffled linen skirts and tops. The designer already shared with us at the time that she was planning to renew the brand, break with seasonality, expand the target group of the brand and put the creative processes into the forefront. Her latest collection named GOOSE is not just an average fall-winter collection, but a project spanning through the entire year, addressing not adult women, but men, too, on top. 

“After debuting my previous collection, I didn’t know that I would expand my repertoire with menswear, too, only that I wanted to include adult clothes in the new profile. In spite of this, the main aspect is to create a new brand founded more on arts. Perhaps this is not entirely clear to everyone yet, but we are working on giving the same emphasis to artworks and decoration products as we give to clothes in our selection” – Manuela shared with us.

The particularity of the T-shirts, pullovers, trousers, waterproof jackets and hats debuted in the new collection lies in the collage pattern so characteristic of Manuela.

“The pattern of the GOOSE COLLECTION was born when we worked on the interior of Petőfi Literary Museum: I had to hand-paint a lot of tiny details for the wallpaper and pillow patterns. Thus a toolset piled up, which I finally polished until this end result came to light. During my work for the museum I went into a state of flow and I simply couldn’t stop” – the designer explained.

It’s also important to highlight that the collection not only features clothing items, but accessories, too, including the GOOSE pillow case, or the GOOSE silk scarf created in collaboration with the VYF brand.

“I consider collaboration with other designers, artists and brands particularly important. I think it is always fascinating when we work on something together, and it feels nice to be supported by others, especially in this challenging period. I have been longing to with the founders of VYF, Viola and Tomi, and to become a part of what they do” – Manuela added.

The novelties hasn’t come to an end just yet: Manuela also shared that she’ll release more accessories, plans to expand her selection with scents, and soon her latest collaboration will also be completed with the SUSU brand. As the designer highlighted, “one thing is for sure: there will be clothes and even more art!

Photos: Árpád Horváth

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