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Tom Cruise X Elon Musk

Such controversial people were simply bound to meet. Their achievements are undeniable, yet we know stories and personality traits about both of them that make it impossible to admire them unconditionally.  

Tom Cruise is definitely one of the biggest living stars in the world; anything he touches turns into gold. Moreover, after the initial “all-the-same” movies, nowadays he only plays in blockbuster films, and does all the stunt work himself. And then there are the quite unpleasant stories about his private life, including all the gossip about his family and his relationship with ladies. We weren’t there, but they’re quite odd, to say the least of it.


Elon Musk is the Tom Cruise of entrepreneur-inventors, once again with many success stories, simultaneously in several quite complex sectors. His attitude towards innovation is exemplary, at the same time, a kind of tech-religion was established around him based on his overhyped prophecies and plans, which seems almost ridiculous, and his newborn son is called X Æ A-12. I guess there’s not much left to say.

The tweet posted by director of Nasa Jim Bridenstine doesn’t reveal too many details, but anyone can make a good guess about the subject of the collaboration based on the profiles of the two characters: they plan to shoot a movie in space. The very first one. Given that Tom Cruise did actually shoot a scene by hanging onto the side of an A400M military transport aircraft, and that Elon Musk is the first private entrepreneur to bring people into space, the chances are quite good.

Of course NASA cannot be left out from the story – the movie will be shot at the International Space Station, or so rumor has it. 

If we let our fantasy run wild a bit, we might even think that they will also shoot during the planned moon landing in 2024. 

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