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Travel might look like this in 2030 | Virgin Hyperloop

In this futuristic video, viewers get a taste of what travel might be like ten years from now.

In November 2020, Virgin Hyperloop transported passengers for the first time. Even though instead of the planned speed of 800-1200 km/h, the cabin moving in a vacuum tube was only able to reach 172 km/h during its 500-meter test run, the results are still promising. Now, in a rather futuristic concept video, they show us their vision of the travel pods’ interior, how Hyperloop sites might look like in cities, and the travel experience itself. Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), Teague, SeeThree and Man Made Music were all involved in the design of the spaces and the production of the video.

The idea of the hyperloop was raised and made public by Elon Musk in 2013, and one of the companies developing the concept is Virgin Hyperloop, taking significant steps toward the production of these vehicles often referred to as alternatives to airplanes.

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Source: Designboom

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