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Valencia to be World Design Capital in 2022

In 2022, the title of World Design Capital awarded on a biennial basis will be held by Valencia, the third largest city of Spain. Let’s see the visual identity prepared for the all-year event!

Valencia is the eighth city in the world to be named World Design Capital. In previous years, Torino (2008), Seoul (2010), Helsinki (2012), Cape Town (2014), Taipei (2016) and Mexico City (2018) could hold the title. This year, the city of Lille in France was named design capital, where unfortunately several events had to be modified due to the epidemic – luckily the light artists of Limelight could still show the world what the experimental festive lighting of the opera house in Lille would have looked like.

The World Design Organization awards the title of World Design Capital to cities that apply the means of design effectively in their everyday operation, thus promoting the city’s economic, social, cultural and environmental development. The 2022 winner was officially announced in early February, and now they also revealed the visual identity Valencia prepares with for the all-year event. The visual identity built of geometric shapes was designed by Ibán Ramón.

Source: Behance.net

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