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Virus and vaccine in the cake counter | Černá Madona

There is no doubt that the coronavirus epidemic has turned the world completely upside down. The changed circumstances present us with more and more challenges, which often give rise to very creative solutions—a confectionery in Prague, for example, came up with coronavirus and vaccine sweets.

In the center of Prague, on the ground floor of the impressive early twentieth-century building of the Museum of Czech Cubism, there is the café Black Madonna (Černá Madona), which tried to boost its service that went downhill with a coronavirus-shaped cake last year in the first wave of the pandemic. The inside of the spherical dessert consists of pistachio ganache and raspberry puree. The spikes of the virus are made from dried raspberries and glued with creamy white chocolate to a dark chocolate coating sprinkled with cocoa powder.

The coronavirus cake was even more successful than expected, so encouraged by this, they now created the antidote: banana mousse with strawberry-banana filling on a bed of sponge cakes. The icing on the cake is strawberry gin in a capsule, which we can pour on the sweet medicine.

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