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Volkswagen’s latest campaign promises a brighter future

Volkswagen operates with neon-colored, movie-like pictures in their latest campaign. With its eye-catching and spectacular ads, the German car manufacturer is looking for the IT specialists of the future.

The good old Volkswagen Beetle, the famous “People’s Car” dates back to the early 20th century: the first model of the German car factory rolled out on the streets in 1938 and became an indispensable vehicle first on the German and then on the American market (and ultimately all across the world, from Wolfsburg to Mexico City). Owing to the Beetle, which remained in production until 2003, the Volkswagen brand has become inseparable from the experience of safe and affordable family drives.

Volkswagen develops its new models in a way preserving these values, but also bearing the mobility of the future in mind, and well it doesn’t hurt to emphasize it a bit visually. Together with DDB Hamburg, the company launched a recruiting campaign showing Volkswagen in a new light: the futuristic, neon-colored posters portray smart and self-driving cars, impeccable gas stations, as well as spacious and empty avenues. Romain Trystram‘s illustrations make us think of the visual world of “Blade Runner” and “Drive” at the same time – however, despite of the movie examples, these drawings do not showcase a dark and utopist milieu, rather a clean and organized future based on technological innovations.

Source: Behance

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