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WAMP – The joy of creation

The exciting and impressive building of Bálna Budapest gives home to the largest design fair of Budapest in November once again, welcoming all who are not satisfied with the easily accessible mass products offered by fast fashion, and who also consider the experience of shopping important through meeting the designers in person, besides the uniqueness and high quality of the products. In November, we are already caught up in the preparations for Advent –  it is a great opportunity to get some ideas, so you don’t have to do all your shopping in the last minute in December. 

The designer of the month in November is Müskinn

Müskinn is a creative workshop. The designers Eszter Tóth and Noémi Sziládi design and make accessories out of leather, linen and other experimental and recycled materials. Their project-like collections and collaborations are always built around the topics and people they consider important or interesting. In addition to their customized basic collection, they continuously think about collaborations that let them open to new territories and connect different subcultures.

Clarity, originality and freshness, spiced up with some coolness. Unique and limited series garments, casual and formal wear, leather bags and specially embellished leather gloves customized to the needs of the 21st century woman. This is the brand Gabo Szerencses. The designer of the brand, Gabo Szerencsés only uses high quality materials, and prefers to use delicate leather. This year’s collection puts a great emphasis on metallic surfaces, gold, silver and patterned versions.

Besides the elaborated and finely detailed functionalism, the bags of Dóra Juhász are true “love at the first sight” pieces, but this does not come as a surprise, as according to Dóra, a well-chosen model can make even the plainest of outfits special. Although the shape of the bags is plain, the choice of color and materials is rather bold. The personally selected variety of leathers include decent pastels, dynamic vibrant shades and distinct metallic tones. 

As the weather becomes cooler and cooler, winter accessories are taken out of the drawers. There is nothing better than hand-knitted, soft and fluffy stuff! Not only will the unique hand-knitted headbands and hats of ëviköt keep you warm, but you can also stay chic in the most rigorous weather, too! The sight of the thread suggests warmth and coziness, and it has a nice, soft feeling. 

In opposition to plastic artificial plants, the EveryBird Knits plants are made of cotton in the largest part (70-90%), are stuffed with recycled cotton fillings and are planted in clay pots, so they offer a much more eco-friendly option. Each and every one of them is special and hand-made; this way, although they are quite similar in some way, they are still very unique.

New venue! Bálna Budapest

WAMP also freshens up in the fall season and moves to one of the locations with the most spectacular views in the city: to the building of Bálna Budapest. The Market Hall located in the close vicinity of Bálna, the recently renovated Nehru Bank and the restaurants and bars of the Bálna Terrace transformed this section of the bank of the Danube into a true vibrant meeting point of the city in the past couple of years. This year, WAMP also enters the field. The fair will be on the first floor of Bálna, entrance is free, and dogs are welcome – feel free to bring your pet along!

The event is children and dog-friendly!

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