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Where the lake never freezes | Zelenci Nature Reserve

The Zelenci Nature Reserve is part of the Triglav National Park, located in the northwestern part of Slovenia, on the Italian-Austrian border.

The reserve is mainly famous for its lake area and vibrant blue and green colors: the word zelenci is no coincidence, as it means green in Slovenian.

Photo: slo.Metallc (Flickr)

The protected area is home to rich wildlife such as special lizards, birds, beetles and fish. 

Photo: Kranjska Gora

With an average depth of two meters, the water is extremely shallow, and it is interesting that it does not freeze even in winter, as its average temperature is around six degrees throughout the year. Although the most spectacular element of the area is indeed the lake, the forest and landscape surrounding it are also part of the reserve, which is also worth exploring.

Photo: Žan Janžekovič
Photo: George Bakos

Source: Trekhunt

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