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Winery in a Renaissance environment | ORA

Winemaking, winetasting, feasts, events and accommodation all in one place, in a Renaissance style: the architects of Czech studio ORA gave new life to an old building in the city of Znojmo this time.

Nešetřil winery and wine bar is located in the heart of Znojmo, in the Renaissance building on Masaryk Square – they utilized every inch of the house, its courtyard and cellars for establishing the winery. Five years ago, the reconstruction began with a small wine bar. Under the pair of cross vaults preserving the original condition, the space is divided into two: a seating area for guests, a characteristic, cross-shaped chandelier and a long bench is placed near the entrance, while the second part is complemented with a bar and a wine stand. 

Visitors also get to peek into the craft of winemaking in the passage of the house: they store various winemaking apparatus here, while the wines are being maturing in kvevris, large earthenware vessels of Georgian origin buried below the ground. The passage also serves as a venue for larger events, and leads directly to the courtyard.

The narrow courtyard is enclosed by two high walls: one of them belongs to the cultural center originating from the late eighties that has not been in operation for many years now, while the other is the stonewall of the Capuchin monastery across, serving as the most spectacular element of the courtyard at the same time. As an extension of the courtyard space, the architects also designed a contemporary pavilion, which is connected to the courtyard by an expanding concrete staircase. Here guests find themselves on a terrace, with a view over the Capuchin garden situated nearby.

From the terrace, a secret door opens to the cellars of the winery, that is, the place of actual winemaking: there are stainless steel tanks on the first level, while barrels are located on the second level of the cellars.

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