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Wired cities

I found the  minimalist images of metro networks of metropolises in the Etsy.com  online design store. The networks do not show the names of stops or the numbers of the different lines, you can only see the typical geometric display of metro lines between the end terminals. The names of particular cities are of course displayed at the bottom of the pictures, but in many cases, the standard horizontal, vertical and 45-degree lines are so typical of the given city’s map that one could also identify them without the signs.

My only regret is that Budapest is not included amongst the cities covered. Although it’s true that we do not have a metro network as that of Tokyo, hype prepared the Lineposter of Budapest. (we promise: once metro line 4 is handed over, we will mark it with a continuous line!)

The metro lines can also be ordered on T-shirts , which is a practical wear for provincialists, but a quite useless thing for tourists without all the stops and numbers.