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You too can be a member of the Sendmade creative community

Hungary’s first arts & crafts-themed community streaming platform will soon open its digital doors. Sendmade aims to bring designers together with people who want to create at home. The currently forming team is looking for creative professionals to join!

On the Sendmade platform, designers use videos and pre-posted packages to show how anyone can create unique objects at home. As they want to collaborate with even more designers, an open call was announced to find members. The editor of HYPEANDHYPER, Kitti Mayer, is one of the members of the professional jury, sitting next to well-known experts such as Ildikó Kele, Dániel Szalkai and Ágnes Kovács. The top three will receive an award, and the top ten will be featured on Sendmade as a designer, where, among other things, the team will take over the marketing, sales and logistics responsibilities of selling their products.

They await applications until May 5, and you can read more about the details on the Sendmade website.

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