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Your practical companion in hydration: the world’s first Origami bottle

It can be folded to the size of a wallet, and can store liquids up to 7.5 dl when unfolded, and we haven’t even mentioned its countless eco-friendly features. DiFOLD’s Origami flask is a viable alternative for staying hydrated every day.

Many of us have already replaced the disposable plastic bottles to refillable designer flasks made of plastic or metal. Both solutions are more eco-conscious than the single-use plastic, but for practical reasons such as saving place and weight, both of them need to be reimagined a little. The founders of DiFOLD, Radina Popova and Petar Zaharinov upgraded exactly these features when they created the Origami flask.

The colorful bottle takes up 80% less space in our bags when folded compared to its full unfolded size, so it serve as an ideal companion on festivals, trips or our simple everyday life. The bottle is made of a durable and easily cleanable BPA-free TPC polymer. The gap-filling nature of the idea is also proven by the fact that only 4 hours after its release, it won full funding on Kickstarter, where it is currently available for order.

Source: designboom

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