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Zsófi Perger illustrated a debut writer’s children’s book

The book entitled Süti kalandjai (Cookie’s Adventures) is the first installment of a multi-volume children’s story series: its author, Dorottya Becz, invites readers to a secret garden, where magical adventures await them.

Dorottya Becz’s first storybook was self-published last year, starring a playful puppy named Cookie, who snoops around in front of a mysterious garden gate until he finds his way into the magical garden behind it, makes a new friend, and goes on a surprising adventure. The book promoting the power of courage and kindness is part of a series in which, in addition to the text, Zsófi Perger’s charming illustrations also play a big role: they really bring Cookie to life, along with his new cat-friend, Ginger, and the secret garden itself.

The author and Zsófi Perger, who we’ve already introduced in our #stayhomecreative article series, have known each other for a long time, but according to Dóri, their joint project ideas have never been realized. The story of Cookie, however, captivated the author so much—who, in addition to planning the release of the second volume of the Cookie series in spring, is working on her first novel—that she wrote persistently until she could send Zsófi a complete story, ready to be illustrated. Even the fact that Dóri was abroad couldn’t stop them when working on the book, whose main character was inspired by a dog plushie received as a gift.

As a result of the work, carried out in the UK and Hungary, a book with a characteristically charming visual world was born, whose heroes find their way into the hearts of children with ease.

Photos: Zsófi Perger

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