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(English) Lisbon – The City That Has Its Type

Almost everyone who comes to Lisbon is impressed by its old yellow trams. We receive postcards with a tram, taking thousands of photos of them, and the truth is, they are basically everywhere in this amazing city. But not all of us pays attention to the wires of the trams, the Portuguese “electricos”.



Authors of LxType did it and created an “official font of Lisbon”.  The new alphabet was created from the lines, which are made of wires. On the website you can try it and write any names, texts or whatever you want by using this type.

m_clean f_clean e_clean

Bez tytułu

But is not the end! After that, we realize that each letter also has an information on an interesting place to visit in Lisbon. Just read the short text about them!

The font is also available to download here.