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(English) ODSD2: a Design Bureau from Ukraine

Good design is like love – difficult to define, but where it exists, no space for hesitation left. You know for sure and feel clearly – here is it, here is something true, something that you would like to keep, to watch and to enjoy. Something similar at least I felt looking at O1 Desk designed by Ukrainian firm ODESD2.

Founded in 2012 by classmates Dmytro Bulhakov and Svyatoslav Zbroi a design bureau ODESD2 became well known in Ukraine less than three years ago. They also successfully sell half of its production abroad. The bureau designs furniture in minimalistic style for clients who enjoy clearness of lines and are willing to pay for a good product.




O1-desk-ODESD2-7-600x600Desk O1  is a part of their new office furniture line. This first piece in the collection rolls many functions into one compact piece of furniture. You can lift panels up to reveal storage and to use a room to hide never-ending electronics cables. Admiring Desk O1 don’t forget to appreciate Chair C4, which perfectly complements the look of the desk. These pieces of furniture are definitely designed for people who look for smart options with no attention disturbing details. By the way, the desk is designed in a way that it may compose a larger working module for office space.

T4_render_0000However, my personal favourite item is a shelf S1. Does it reminds you of anything? I can see the shape of old-fashioned TV-set with wood panelling – just exactly as my grandma used to have. I quitted watching TV many years ago, so nothing  pleases my eye more than books on this perfectly designed piece of furniture. If I had to pick a metaphor describing my generation, it would be the S1 shelf designed by ODESD2.