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Babadum.com – Fejleszd a nyelvi tudásod!

Hipopotam Studio from Poland, creator of many websites, fonts and books has uploaded the last one, namely babadum.com. Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielińscy founded a studio in 2005 and from this time they have created a lot of graphics but also prepared courses and tutorials to improve graphic design skills.Babadum.com is a website with useful games and excersises to learn languages. It is a very nice and simple graphic design cause, and learning means the same like playing and fun. From now on you can also learn Portuguese!

There are six levels of games. The first one is quite easy, and then – step by step – you can follow more difficult exercises. You can switch between languages on the menu bar as well, but it is really enough to follow the icons, and then start your play. If you want you can count your points and see the progress of your knowledge.

Simple and nice interface, animation and sounds, so let’s play!

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