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A cabin designed for nature | Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter

In addition to admiring the breathtaking Norwegian landscape, one can also sleigh or ski jump from the top of the latest cabin of the Oslo-based studio.

A playful answer to local conditions, modern look and reviving Norwegian architectural traditions – studio Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter‘s latest cabin titled Thunder Top offers all this and more.

The triangle-shaped building is connected to another, previously built hut through a glass corridor. Seeing the increasing number of cabins, one more spectacular than the other, one may think that the groundbreaking solution of the Norwegian studio is another attention-seeking trick, however, the cascading roof fulfils an important function: it protects the southern terrace from the cold winds and the potential snow pile-ups.

“The cabin is an inhabitable beacon, a man-made peak in the rolling fells of Hardangervidda, worn down by glaciers during the ice age” – the designers explain.

The area is usually covered by several meters of snow from December to March, and the designers tried to utilize its advantages. When the roof is covered in snow, the cabin becomes a perfect sleigh or ski jumping slope. The example that may sound odd at first is actually not all evil, as former Norwegian skier Sondre Norheim used rooftops for ski jumping on a regular basis.

The cabin received an ore-pine cladding, a material used frequently in Medieval Scandinavian wooden churches, while the colorful window frames evoke the color marks of Norwegian hiking trails.

The cozy feeling of the single-space, minimalist interior is provided by the tiny nooks perfect for reading corners and well as a mezzanine floor accessible via a ladder.

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