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A cabin made of metal sheets | ŠA Atelier

The modular cabin designed by the Lithuanian architects’ studio is like a good hairspray: it stays put come rain or shine.

Its steel-framed structure and walls made of metal sheets may not imply this at first glance, but the building dubbed 019 Cabin, born from the collaboration of Lithuanian architects’ studio ŠA Atelier and furniture and steel manufacturer Piritas, is easy to assemble and transport. What’s more, thanks to its steel frame, it stands steady even on uneven terrains, while the metal sheets give it a sophisticated look.

The main aspect during the design process was that the building should be able to adapt to any weather. The top of the cabin was therefore designed to collect rainwater due to its shape. The water then goes through a filtering device and can be used later. This roof structure also provides shade on sunny days.

Source: Dezeen

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