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A combination of elegance and Brutalism | SWAN Soda

Summery, fresh and bright: Ukraine-based Orchidea Agency focusing on sustainable brands designed a visual identity for soda water brand Swan.

Swan was founded by Artem Lebed, who decided to launch his own natural soda water brand for personal reasons: his aim is to replace the mass products with high sugar content with a high quality, naturally flavored soda drink free from sugar and harmful ingredients.

Orchidea Agency claims they have developed more than ten concepts until they reached the final version that conveys the right message with the help of design.

The label received a white background with contrasting black sans-serif logotype, alluding to the name of the brand. The graciousness and elegance of the logo is further emphasized by the arched, characteristic layout of the letters “A” and “S”.

They assigned vague, abstract illustrations to the different flavor variations, the vivid colors of which are lending a fresh and bright look to the packaging. 

“The design we created is a combination of elegance and Brutalism” – Orchidea Agency highlighted.

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