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A refuge from the world | Stromhouse

Who would not have wanted a house on top of a tree as a child; a quiet refuge where you can escape from the worries of the world? In the Stromhouse, seven meters above the ground, among the foliage, we can enjoy the peace of nature.

The Stromhouse is located forty-five minutes from Prague, in a beautiful beech forest by the Sava River. Among the foliage we can really retreat from the world, as there is no electricity, wifi or telephone, but there is wine, delicious food, running water, sunlight, birds chirping and beautiful views. The spacious and cozy terrace is a great place to read or have a filling breakfast, which arrives in a picnic basket with the help of a rope. Those looking for a true gourmet experience can choose from a selection of fresh, locally sourced cheeses, jams, and meats. Below is a shower and a fireplace for evening barbecues. The accommodation is ideal for two people, making it the perfect place for a romantic weekend.

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