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Adidas’s new sneakers are “woven” by robots

Adidas’s Futurecraft division has already experimented with making shoes using new materials and manufacturing processes, and with the Strung model, they could work with a brand new method.

In collaboration with studio Kram/WeisshaarAdidas built a robot capable of making customized footwear: the threads on the 3D printed midsole are placed by a robot programmed to the exact requirements of the wearer, thus giving life to truly unique pieces.

The different types of threads denote different types of fabrics: reds are stronger, and thus are mainly in charge of supporting the foot, while the yellow ones provide flexibility. The process can result in material-efficient and lightweight, yet strong footwear. Currently the Strung upper is being developed for elite athletes only, but Adidas also plans to apply the technology in developing other products in the future.

Source: dezeen

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