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Amsterdam floating village expands with new dream house

Each and every house of the floating village built since 2010 boasts a unique character, while still creating a unified overall appearance. Here is the latest home of the urban village!

Since the 2010s, a residential community has been developing on the Johann Van Casselt canal located in a former industrial area of Amsterdam, with sustainability in the focus. The houses of the urban-water village use alternative energy resources, they recycle water, minimize waste and try to give as much room to natural biodiversity as possible. 

The neighborhood home to about a hundred residents recently expanded with a wooden structure built by architecture studio i29. Under the slanted roof of the angular house the diagonal layout resulted in an extra space: this is where the architects placed the kitchen from where the semi-closed terrace can be accessed. The three floors of the house are centered around an atrium; all rooms are accessible through the stairs located here.

Source: urdesignmag, Dezeen

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