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Burning Man festival will be organized virtually this year

Burning Man festival has been cancelled for the first time in thirty years, as a result of the pandemic, of course. After lengthy discussions, the organizers of the festival announced last week that they are not willing to take the risk in the current situation, as 80 thousand people gather up in the desert for the festival each year.

Burning Man festival known for its jaw-dropping art and architectural installations has been organized for three decades at the same place, in the deserts of Nevada. The particularity of the event is that the same way it is built and filled with life for a whole week each year, it disappears without a mark: the participants clean every last bit after themselves, this way protecting the environment and guaranteeing that they can return next year. This won’t be necessary for the first time this year, as the festival is cancelled due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The church designed for this year’s Burning Man. Image: verbeck design

Marian Goodell, the lead organizer of the festival told that they have been working on the ticket refund strategy and on moving Black Rock City into the virtual space for some time. The designs of installations are ready, so it will be possible to visit them digitally, and Burning Man festival scheduled between August 30 and September 7 will also offer additional online programs. 

The installation of Bjarke Ingels and BIG Architects on Burning Man 2018.

In addition to the organizers of the festival, the state of Nevada also suffers an extreme financial loss, as it generates a 60 million dollar revenue from the event.

Source: designboom

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