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Classic yet contemporary | CHYLAK

The latest collection of the Polish fashion brand CHYLAK debuted with new shapes and colors. Their bags can be playful but timeless accessories in our everyday outfits. Let’s see!

The creator of the Warsaw-based design brand is Zofia Chylak, who used to study to become an art historian; she was specializing in the northern renaissance. The history of fashion and clothing has been inspiring her ever since. She launched her own brand in 2014, with a selection of luxurious yet affordable bags made from the highest quality Italian leather. These products are not only made special by their high quality and attention to detail: all the pieces in each collection have a gilded serial number on them.

“From the very beginning, my goal was to create a brand with elegant but everyday bags. I wanted to be accessible with a good price point. I look back on fashion history a lot. I love to take vintage pieces and give them a much more contemporary look,” Zofia said. The trademark of CHYLAK bags is a simple, classic, yet contemporary and fresh design: “I always try to create classic forms but then make them very characteristic and recognizable. Sometimes it’s the material that makes the bag look more powerful. There are times, for example, when I draw inspiration from sportswear, but finish the design with classic and elegant materials to change the bag’s appearance,” she added.

The innovations in her new spring-summer collection are the beige, matte and glossy textures with embossed crocodile patterns, some of which are combined with trapezoid shapes. The collection also includes further variations of the CHYLAK classics. In addition to the bags, other accessories have been added to the repertoire, so buyers can also choose from black suede and embossed beige leather belts.

Chylak is currently working on new sustainable solutions—new products will debut soon. Follow the brand’s Instagram page for more news!

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