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Climate apocalypse as seen by a drone

Iconic buildings of Paris, London, Rome, and New York are featured in Fabien Barrau’s edited photos: the pieces from the series called News from the Future are dismal reminders of what we might lose if we don’t stop climate change.

The best-known symbols of our metropolises will be swallowed by waves, covered with sand, or perhaps seized by lush vegetation once humanity disappears from Earth. Or at least that’s how Fabien Barrau imagines the consequences of rising sea levels, desertification, and global warming: he combines his own drone shots with stock images to create photos, which were inspired by Mad Max, Planet of the Apes, Akira, and a National Geographic documentary, among others.

The photographer’s goal with these images was not striving after effect: Barrau told Dezeen that he wanted to urge people to take action against the effects of climate change while it’s still possible.

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Source: Dezeen

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