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Creating new dimensions | Fanny Pápay

A rock balancing on top of a soap bubble, a palm tree growing out of a basketball and an apple in flames under a pair of floating sunglasses. Fanny Pápay’s surreal works creating new dimensions keep popping up in the campaigns of recognized brands—and now we take a closer look at them!

Fanny started to get to know the various forms of art at quite a young age: she often saw her mother paint and draw as a child, and so she developed a desire to create quite early on in her life. Currently she is living and working in Barcelona as a freelance graphic designer or illustrator if the task requires. “This environment is still very new to me: at the beginning it was quite hard to focus on work, because everything is so new and exciting yet very inspiring at the same time,” Fanny told us.

Fanny’s creations are characterized by surreal situations and unconventional compositions combined with vivid colors or odd textures and patterns. “I primarily create digital collages. What motivates me the most is to create visual worlds that have not existed before and that convey the feeling as if we were creating new dimensions. Previously I strived to create the scenes I imagined in collaboration with photographers, but nowadays I mainly bring them to life with the help of 3D modeling,” Fanny explained.

In her projects, she has had quite a diverse variety of clients from all over the world: she has worked a lot on Finnish and Saudi Arabian projects, and she has also been contacted by various large and well-known brands. She received a completely free hand in all her collaborations, thus creating a world that represents her as well. “These inquiries always came as surprises to me and I’m always extremely happy about them. I don’t know exactly where and how they find me. The larger the brand, the more I tend to get a free hand, which is a quite interesting connection,” she added.

Jägermeister, for instance, invited her to participate in their latest campaign along with six other artists, in which they had to design labels for one-liter bottles. The limited edition liquor served an important purpose: it was made to support those working in the nightlife under the name #KeepTheNightAlive (read more about the campaign here). Those interested could purchase the bottles decorated with Fanny’s graphics online and in stores, too. 

In addition, she also created a unique graphic for the Chuck Taylor All-Star model of the Converse shoe brand, and most recently she was invited by Pull&Bear to place some of their products in the surreal environment characteristic of her works. The final work will be released on the brand’s Instagram page and will be displayed in the shopwindows of the brand’s stores. The graphics made for this campaign are also dominated by mismatched materials and situations: “When I start working on an illustration, I don’t primarily concentrate on the atmosphere I want to convey, rather the idea itself. I like matching materials and matters that would not work in real life. It allows me to create exciting visual situations: just like the meeting of bubbles and fire or the weightless balls balancing in the air in the Pull&Bear project, for instance. In almost all of my projects, my goal is to create a visuality that is not feasible in real life,” Fanny told us.

Go and check out Fanny’s fascinating projects on her Behance page!

Fanny Pápay | Behance | Instagram

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