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DDB Prague

In Prague, the office of DDB got a very exciting logo painting. The letter B that can be seen when entering the office transforms unnoticeably into the color of the elements, walls, the ceiling, floors and columns embracing the space. Or vice versa.

The essence is that it forms a perfect letter B from one point, while from other points, it only seems like a mixture of colorful shapes.

Something like this:

B² Architecture responsible for the design is, by the way, a quite sympathetic team: the studio was founded by Barbara Bencova in 2012 and they have participated in diverse projects so far, ranging from art installations to residential buildings.

The office is light and playful and has some kind of elegant vibe to it – thank God, we are now perhaps starting to outgrow those stilted offices designed for playing around.

Retractable stools!

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