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Diverse nature trails | TOP 5

Hiking in all seasons is good, but in spring the nature is especially inviting. For those who not only want a simple excursion, but would like to learn about the natural and cultural values of a landscape, an exciting nature trail may be the best choice. Let’s show you our five favorites from Eastern Europe!

Treetop walk in the High Tatras | Bachledka, Slovakia

The trail, built in the Belianske Tatras near the village of Ždiar, is an excellent program all year round, as we can walk among the foliage to admire the surrounding mountain ranges, while getting to know the fauna and flora up close. The twenty-meter-high, six-hundred-meter-long trail offers a variety of attractions, skill tasks, information boards and photo points. The most beautiful panorama can be found at the end of the trail, in a thirty-two-meter-high observation tower. Thanks to the safety net, from the top the braver ones can look down into the deep, and those who want something even more exciting, can slide down the sixty-seven-meter-long slide.

Amazing rock labyrinth | Tiské stĕny, Czech Republic

The charming landscape of the stunning rock town of Tiské stĕny in Bohemian Switzerland is not an ordinary hiking destination. You can roam the labyrinths of rock towers on the nature trails that surround the area, and enjoy the wonderful panorama from the top of the huge rock walls. The trails are an excellent hiking destination for families with small children, thanks to their easy-to-walk, comfortably winding, sandy ground.

Nature trail with a lot of salt | Praid Salt Mine, Romania

Hiking in Praid, in addition to the famous salt mine, it is definitely worth seeing the salt ridge and salt strait on the edge of the town. The uniqueness of the nature reserve landscape around the salt hill is given by the salt-loving plants and exciting formations. The route of the nature trail is made exciting by salt cauliflowers, draperies and various salt arms, and at the end of the tour, we can take a dip in the salt-clay spa as unwinding.

Romantic wetland | Fényes nature trail Tata, Hungary

It is no coincidence that Tata is called the city of waters: its lakes and watercourses form a diverse water world. On the 1,350-meter-long pile trail of the Fényes nature trail, we can discover the wildlife of the swamps at eighteen stations. One of the most exciting parts of the walk is the observation tower in Nagy-Égeres, from where we get a fabulous view to the wetland. The other audience favorite is the lake covered with water lilies, on which we can pull ourselves over to the other side in hand-operated boats, but we can also choose the exciting suspension bridge.

Exciting historical nature trail | Kobarid, Slovenia

In World War I, opposing Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops fought bloodthirsty battles in the Isonzo (Soča) Valley. The historical trail connects the historical and natural attractions of the area into a pleasant walk. The easy walk starts on well-marked routes from the city center. After the Italian World War Memorial, the road leads through the Iron Age fortress to the town of Soča and from there on to the impressive Kozjak Waterfall. Finally, we reach the World War I Museum via the Napoleon Bridge.

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