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Education and Recreation Center | Marki, Poland

The town of Marki near Warsaw was placed on the map by this building. We continue showcasing innovative spaces in the framework of our PACE X HYPEANDHYPER series – this week, we invite you to take a look around this multifunctional education and recreation center with us.

Marki used to serve as the ‘bedroom’ of people working in Warsaw, and thus the town was not equipped either for social life or cultural and recreational activities. This is what MCER Education and Recreation Center was designed to change. 

The building handed over in 2019 gives home to a primary school, a multifunctional sports and theater venue and it also houses several outdoors sports fields. It’s not only the volume of the complex that’s worthy of our attention: the building is also full of passive, eco-friendly and smart solutions. Teachers can control lighting and shading in the classrooms of the school building with the help of an application, and the building itself checks the quality the air on a regular basis. The roof of the school building was designed as a multifunctional swamp roof, where they grow aquatic plants in 35 cm deep water – thus optimizing the microclimate of the building and cooling it in the summer via natural methods. 

The sports facility houses a 25-meter swimming pool, a 60-meter water slide, a sports hall with 3 basketball courts with 300 seats, as well as several rooms for fitness and spa. Just like in the rest of the buildings, they placed a great emphasis on eco-consciousness here, too: they equipped them with recycled floors, time-controlled lighting and optimized water consumption.

We are right at the edge of town. We have the colorful field full of flowers lying before us. The building complex, together with its built environment, follows this example. Its individual spaces aspire for a close co-existence, a symbiosis. They form a colorful community, just like a biodome. Sports, culture and learning all at the same place – they fill this sleeping part of the capital with life, dynamics, joy and energy.

Tamás Karácsony DLA, associate professor

In our series titled PACE X HYPEANDHYPER, we showcase a prominent contemporary public building from the Central Eastern European region each week. 

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