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Everyday design in focus | World Industrial Design Day

The theme of the events of this year’s World Industrial Design Day is „Design for Everyday Life”. In Hungary, the Hungarian Design Council invited three studios to create a subjective mini-video for the occasion. Check out the videos of Flying Objects, Maform and HYPEANDHYPER!

The World Industrial Design Day launched by the World Design Organization is celebrated by the global design community on 29 June each year. The 2020 celebration focuses on the amazing power of “everyday design” and calls attention to the value and benefits design offers in the case of everyday objects and services. Whether we are aware of it or not, design is present in our everyday lives from ordinary objects, equipment, devices and accessories to complex digital platforms and applications. Therefore, it is our goal to make the utility and added value created by design be recognized by the broadest possible audience.

While the players of the Hungarian creative industry often achieve international successes, it is still crucial to enhance design thinking among domestic businesses by shaping their attitudes and educating them in this regard, thus helping them increase their competitiveness on both the Hungarian and foreign markets.

″It is important that the players of the domestic design industry be aware of the competitive advantage of patenting their innovations. SMEs with their own design models, for example, generate more income compared to those who do not own any intellectual property,” stressed Gyula Pomázi, the President of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office and the Hungarian Design Council, in connection with the world design day. He added that development can only be achieved with new ideas and innovative thinking. The competition in the global market is astounding and getting a competitive advantage is a priority for all stakeholders; however, without the required patents, owners will find themselves vulnerable.

This year will be unique since COVID-19 forced events into the online space all across the world. Hungary will not be an exception to this and will celebrate the World Industrial Design Day, organized by the Hungarian Design Council (a member of the World Design Organization), with online videos focusing on the role of design: the Hungarian Design Council invited three creative studios, each of them with a profile concentrating mainly on objects used in everyday life, to participate in this year’s celebration.

Flying Objects condensed the events of one day into its 1.5-minute video to draw attention to the well-designed objects that have been at our service for decades. In recent years, the projects of this boutique studio providing integrated services have won one important design award after the next: the Red Dot Design Award (on two occasions), the iF Design Award (once), and the Hungarian Design Award. 

The video of Flying Objects

Using an exciting visual approach characteristic of them, the video made by HYPEANDHYPER for the World Industrial Design Day presents everyday and often iconic objects well known to most people.


The third video was made by Maform Design Studio a multiple Hungarian Design Award-winner, whose mission is to make people’s everyday lives easier through the latest technological and engineering innovations. In their video they lent four different personalities to a mundane object: a watering can.

Maform Design Stúdió’s video

The above videos, made for the World Industrial Design Day are also linked to the theme of the Budapest Design Week, to be held between 1st and 11th October this year. Adapting its program to the current situation and following international examples, the organizer, the Hungarian Design Council, will move Hungary’s number one design festival mostly to the online space. The motto of this year’s hybrid edition of the Budapest Design Week, organized under the professional management of Judit Osvárt, a member of the Hungarian Design Council, is ″Keep it in circulation” and will concentrate on the cyclical approach and thus on a model that can contribute to making the world a liveable place. 

The festival will provide visitors with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with online projects in the areas of design and the cyclical economy providing viable and effective answers to the requirements of sustainability and contributing to increasing the competitiveness of Hungarian SMEs.

Similarly to previous years, the primary aim of the Budapest Design Week is to provide a platform for as many players of the design scene as possible along with providing them with education and strengthening the connection between them and with the economic sphere; therefore, visitors will see the usual festival elements from the Open Studios, allowing an insight into the life of design studios, to workshops. Depending on the COVID-19 situation, the finalized program will be published in August; the call containing the options to connect to the festival will also be made public soon. 

The videos made for the World Industrial Design Day will be launched on the online sites and social media channels of the Hungarian Design Council and the Budapest Design Week on 29 June.

The patron and sponsor of the Budapest Design Week is the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office and it is organized by the Hungarian Design Council.

Design Week Budapest | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Hungarian Design Council | Web

Hungarian Intellectual Property Office | Facebook

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