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Fences around Lake Balation, photographed by Marietta Varga and Fülöp Schmal

The first part of Hungary’s 2023 European Capital of Culture event series in Veszprém at Lake Balaton will start with the photos of Marietta Varga and Fülöp Schmal depicting the fences of holiday homes around the lake.

The first part of the 2023 Veszprém-Balaton ECC series offers an insight into the field of architecture through the interestingly shaped fences of holiday homes built in the sixties and seventies.

“[…] With their imaginative, playful shapes and fitting colors, they remind us of joyous summers, but they also have other stories to tell. If we look behind them, we can see the social milieu of the sixties and seventies, in which they were born[…],” said Balázs Törő, an ethnographer at the Dezső Lackó Museum, the instigator of the project.

The organizers are expecting other people to join the project as well, with a photo of their favorite fences along with the story connected to them, if there is one. Those interested can send their shots to: formakontul@veszprembalaton2023.hu

The organizers ask everyone to protect the peace of mind and privacy of the owners when taking photos. The pictures of fences should not show any people or the exact address of the house.

Source: press release

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