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Fundraising vending machine for children in need | appy

Appy has launched its holiday fundraising campaign with the goal of offering a simple and quick means for getting the Christmas surprise of children in need with the help of a vending machine.

The appy umbrella organizations wishes to help raise funds for 13 foundations that collectively support several thousands of disadvantaged, sick or disabled children and their families every year. The goal of the Christmas fundraising campaign is to call attention to the simplicity and importance of giving: “Make helping those in need automatic!

Instead of buying consumer goods, the vending machine in Allee Shopping center allows us to support thirteen good causes in the form of HUF 2000 gift cards. Each of these gift cards means help for a child in need.

The importance of the matter is further accentuated by the fact that Unger and Partners led by Zsolt Unger also joined the project implemented through the collaboration of Allee Shopping Center and Coca-Cola.

“The name of the organization comes from the word ‘happy’: the H is always added by the person who supports the initiatives. You make it all HAPPY!

Zsolt Unger

Peti Puskás and Bogi Dallos joined the project as ambassadors.

“We decided to stand behind the campaign because we agree with every word of the project’s message: make standing behind good causes in one way or another a natural part of our lives. We represent this attitude and do so with many good causes.” 

Peti Puskás and Bogi Dallos

Check appy’s site for more information!

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