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High quality both inside and out: Casino Mocca debuts new brand identity

A clean look with pastel colors, hiding high-quality coffee and gourmet flavors: now Casino Mocca is not only sophisticated on the inside, but on the outside, too. The fresh brand identity of the Hungarian coffee roastery was designed by Studio NUR.

The new-wave coffee roastery entitled Casino Mocca was founded by Lajos Horváth, Szabolcs Temesvári and Zoltán Kis in 2013. Staying true to their roots, the internationally acknowledged barista champions were among the very first to introduce the high-quality coffee to the Hungarian market. Casino Mocca imports its coffees from all across the globe, including Columbia, Brazil, Burundi, Ruanda, Kenya and Indonesia, and works with small plantations.

Studio NUR’s team is a big fan of the coffee roastery’s products and is a happy subscriber of the monthly Casino Mocca coffee package. According to the Studio, it was thanks to the brand that they learned what good, high-quality coffee is like and how it should be prepared properly.

“I have known Casino Mocca as a user for years. From Tripoli to Kelet Cafe, I have consumed their coffees at countless spots in latte art combinations, yet I was introduced to the taste of clean filter coffee by Szabolcs and Lajos. Their maximalism and stubbornness got me to where I am today: I measure and ground my own coffee every morning, which I then make in a V60 or Aeropress from fresh water, looking at the stopwatch and the scale… and my first thought in the morning is coffee, without exaggeration. There are times I already think about how good it will be to drink my morning coffee in the evening before: the daily coffee is my »me-time«, and I consider it sacred. Coffee deserves respect,” told us Eszter Laki, the founder of Studio NUR.

The brand identity refresh started with the transformation of the logo, which was then completed by a new visual framework system used on both the communication materials and the packaging: the goal was to create a fresh, recognizable yet timeless brand identity. “The brand identity design process started with analyzing the functionality of the previous packaging: we came up with a cleaner system that is also easier to adapt. Then we also refreshed the logo: we gave it a more modern feel. Our goal was to design a timeless packaging that is easy to recognize, with distinct varieties,” Eszter explained.

Taking into consideration the diversity of the products, we can identify the different coffee types and the various flavors with the help of color codes. The espressos and the filter coffees are denoted by blue and purple colors and a related icon, to make customers’ jobs easier when selecting. In addition to the packagings, Studio NUR also created postcards: these feature photos of the different plantations and their stories—the people whose passion and hard work allow us to enjoy the high-quality coffee in the comfort of our homes, too.

Photos: András Zoltai

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