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HIGHLIGHTS | Playful reduction

A form is never too simple, boring at best. Circle, triangle, square and the rest of them – all friendly shapes: we keep running into and returning to them. The common denominator, the least common multiple: a part of the visual language we are all fluent in. A basis of reference in capital letters, something designers keep reaching back to, because they know it, too: the simplest form has both the alpha and omega in it. The question is what they make of it. We present you the prototypes of playful reduction, from Poland to Armenia. 

Bidas, fair people | Granada, Spain
Buenaventura .

Greek Basket Branding | Athens, Greece
Luminous Design Group

Świdnicki Festiwal Filmowy Spektrum | Poznan, Poland
Bękarty –

PETSHY Visual Identity & Packaging Design | Hefei, China
WaShe .

Brightech© | Yerevan, Armenia
Mane Tatoulian

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