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Today, to-go paper cups have a reputation almost as bad as that of plastic bags used for shopping. A hundred years ago, disposable cups meant a major technological innovation: in 1908, Boston-based lawyer Lawrence Luellen came up with the idea of single-use paper cups to prevent the spreading of various bacteria (although at that time, instead of coffee, the cups were primarily used for drinking water). Luckily today, with the appearance of chemical-free and recycled recups, we can enjoy our favorite latte free of any guilt. This, of course does not mean that to-go cups disappeared off the face of the earth, on the contrary. Not only are coffee cups quite practical objects but important advertising surfaces, too, and also the status symbol of busy urban people. And even though we are talking about a quite short-living product, we choose to-go cups with at least as much care and circumspection as we pick any other fashion accessory. Joyful? Exciting? Clean? Minimalist? It matters, doesn’t it? The to-go cups of our favorite cafés from Budapest to Riyadh.

Pléz / 2018-19 | Budapest, Hungary
kissmiklos .

Music & Beans Branding | Antalya, Istanbul, Turkey/ London, United Kingdom
Marka Network 
Mustafa Akülker 
Firat Ayas

Fragments – logo & identity for coffee shop | Lviv, Ukraine
Olena Fedorova Graphic

8/25 Coffee | Orel, Moscow, Russia
Dmitry Neal
Egor Golopolosov

Bold Cafe // Branding | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Mohd Almousa
Millimeter Brands

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