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House with seven walls | MÁS építészek

The name of the latest house design of MÁS Építészek feels like a fairytale already: House with seven walls. The building complex to be implemented near Csákberény resonates with contemporary trends and client’s needs by also carrying something primal, rudimentary and mystical at the same time.

Every fairytale has a clearing or valley in it, hiding a mystical little house. Even though the architect duo of MÁS Építészek aimed for something much greater and special than just a little house, the House with seven walls evokes the world of fairytales on several levels. 

Let’s start with location: it will be located in a meadow between a pine forest and an acacia grove, with a view to the Vértes mountains. The architects took the surrounding environmental conditions into consideration when designing the house to the fullest – it feels like the house is the extension of the pine forest. “The house draws on these two forests, and this strong dominance determines its basic shapes and façade. The system of functional boxes and inner garden is located between the seven solid walls rising out of the pine forest. The solidity of the blades standing out of the inclined terrain is balanced by the full opening of the façades in between them, turning towards the forests.” – says the project description of the architects.

Every good fairytale has the number seven in it, while in real life, the seven walls were justified by the client’s needs.“We aimed to create a building forming a large unit, while still being capable of dividing the various spaces and offering separate, protected rooms for its residents. To that end, we placed the various functions separated from each other, offset in a chessboard-like manner. This play of masses allowed for the implementation of exciting inner gardens, giving a unique vibe to the covered functions. The other main requirement was the possibility of phasing the building complex, so it was important to ensure that the building could function in smaller units, too, when designing the spaces and the connections between them” – the architects explain.

The renders created for the designs of the building further enhance the impression: the house fitted into the foggy twilight, and the sunshine filtering into the gardens offer a poetic vibe to the already incredibly creative concept. 

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