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„Hungarian wine is important to all of us” | dpwines

Almost 150 grape varieties are grown in the 22 wine regions of Hungary. Approximately 80% of each bottle is water. Some bottles receive a vegan label, since even though they are all made of grape, not every wine is vegan. We also make orange wine in Hungary, but in reality this has nothing to do with oranges. The dpwines Instagram and Facebook pages allow you to learn interesting facts like these and many others, in addition to the rules of wine etiquette and exciting wine and food combinations. We asked Miklós P. Szabó, Dávid Dabronaki and Dénes Farkas, the originators of the initiative about their project.

The idea of dpwines goes back many years. The site is an educational online platform, conveying the fascinating information related to wine in a light, easy-to-understand manner, with the help of loveable illustrations – we don’t have to be sommeliers to understand it, as it is perfect for anyone who’d like to explore and get a better understanding of the world of wines. The team behind the initiative is formed by three good friends, Miklós Szabó, Dávid Dabronaki and Dénes Farkas, who themselves are huge wine fans.

“Like many others, we too have been to grape harvests when we were younger. We were dazzled by the hustle and bustle, the cool, chilly weather and the tasty, sweet grape must that ended up in our glasses at the end of the day. As we grew older, we also tried the wine that we saw being made of course, and we were fascinated by the process and the development. Then a few years ago we met experts who taught us a lot and we started to focus on wines in our group of friends actively. When we actually got to taste wines, and we looked over the grapevines in Tokaj or Badacsony we simply couldn’t get enough of it. After the first experience of the kind we got really excited and felt an unquenchable thirst to learn more about wines and the different regions they come from” – they told us.

“Collecting the knowledge wasn’t easy, as the information was scattered all around the internet or in books. Once we have collected and learnt them, we also wanted to share it with others in one way or another, so that those also interested in this field could find a platform summarizing easy-to-comprehend information. At this point, we were not sure on which platform we wanted to start this. As time passed by, online learning has almost become an integral part of our everyday life, therefore this spring we decided to start our educational activity on the two most popular social media platforms, and so we launched the Facebook and the Instagram pages of dpwines. Our goal is to convey the love of wines to people” – they continued.

To ensure the development and continuous building of the platform, Miki is in charge of professional content related to wines, Dávid, – who also designed the visual identity of a winery in the Balaton Uplands in his diploma project – is responsible for the graphics illustrating the content, while Dénes is participating in the ideation of graphics, and is also in charge of animation. It is also important to mention the name of Zoli Lesti in relation to the team’s work, who is in charge of checking the final copies, and Noémi Barkóczi, who created the basic graphical direction and visual identity.

“Today everybody is on the rush, they only focus on the information for a short period of time, and so we chose a visual direction allowing consumers to understand and be engaged by the content with a single glance” – they explained.

On the sites of dpwines, the founders strive to cover all topics related to wines, as well as their consumption and production, but one can also learn more about wine varieties, wine regions, terminology, etiquette and exciting food-wine combinations. The team also considers it important to raise attention to the outstanding quality of Hungarian wines, as there are wines in our country that would hold their ground on the international markets, too. “Unfortunately a part of consumers isn’t familiar with these premium wines, or the more affordable items which are still high quality. We would like to change this, as Hungarian wine is important to all of us!” – they highlighted.

As dpwines does not only want to build a community online, they plan to organize winetasting events in the near future, where the audience will also be able to taste the food-wine combinations dreamt up by the founders. What’s more, the team of dpwines is already working on making their own wines, and they also plan to publish a book. We can’t wait to see them!

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