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HYPE | Weekly online program guide

We will kick this week off with a great initiative, the charity auction launched by Art Jewelry Night of Budapest, then we’ll visit the online evaluation of the graphic designers of MOME, and we also recommend several options for boring evenings: interviews with designers, Bauhaus experimental movies and award-winning Hungarian documentaries from the past years are also available for a few days. Let’s see!

CROWN/ JEWELRY – Auction for children

Art Jewelry Night of Budapest organizes a charity auction for May 11-16, with the support of FISE . In the program following the very successful Italian initiative, the “Crown Jewels Funding Italy”, an online auction will be launched during which they auction the works offered by contemporary Hungarian jewelry designers. Bids can be made in the Facebook group of the event. From the proceeds, they intend to support three civil foundations and associations working with children who can provide targeted assistance in the form of food or educational tools to those in need and who became even more vulnerable owing to the coronavirus epidemic.

When: May 11-16, 2020

Where: Facebook group

More info: Event

Design Emergency

Design is one of the strongest means that can help control the epidemic. In the past weeks, several design solutions were invented across the world for protecting our health, and there will probably be even more in the near future. Curator of MOMA  Paola Antonelli and design theorist Alice Rawsthorn launched the Design Emergency Instagram account to explore these inventions, which was followed by thousands of people over just a few days. The guest of the first talk was founder of MASS Design Group Michael Murphy, who was interviewed by Paola Antonelli about the current work of the architect studio, the community spaces changing as a result of the epidemic (e.g. hospitals and restaurants) and the responsibility of designers. The interview will be available on the IGTV of Design Emergency. 

Where: online

MOME Online evaluation – May 2020

The regular half-year ‘MOME Kipak’ will not be postponed, it only gets a makeover: the Department of Graphic Design of MOME will hold its spring evaluation between May 11 and 13 online, where the three classes of the bachelor course and the first-year MA students will present their works. The event is not public, but you can take a peek after pre-registration via e-mail.

When: May 11-13, 2020

Where: online

More info: Event

bauhaus.film.expanded. – ZKM Karlsruhe

Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) in Karlsruhe opened its exhibition bauhaus.film.expanded. in February, and then they moved to the online space in part, so the majority of movies exhibited is available on the institution’s website until May 17. Works of artists associated with the Bauhaus are available in a wide variety starting from political and experimental film essays through architectural films to abstract movies. In the digital film archive, you can also find several works of one of the Hungarian pioneers of experimental films, László Moholy-Nagy, amongst others. 

When: until May 17, 2020

Where: online

Interview with designer Iris van Herpen – Dezeen Virtual Design Festival

A series of interviews with fashion designer Iris van Herpen consisting of three episodes was published in the framework of Dezeen Virtual Design Festival. The works of the designer can also be interpreted as the combination of post-humanism and fashion, and her haute couture collections are made of unconventional forms and materials. In her pieces inspired by the structure and movement of organisms and organs, Iris van Herpen likes to experiment with technological possibilities that are still novel methods in the field of fashion, including 3D printing. In the course of her work, she frequently collaborates with the representatives of various forms of art and branches of science. In the interview, she talks about how she could recall the softness of the fabrics of clothes with concrete in the course of an architectural project in 2019, amongst others.

Where: online

MADOKE special offer: 5+1 documentary for free

The Hungarian Documentary Association was established in January 2020 with the am of promoting the genre of documentary in Hungary. After their initiative in February, the association launches its 5+1 special offer for the second time this year in May. Between May 8 and May 15, six documentaries will be available for free, including internationally awarded pieces. The exact list of movies is available on the site of MADOKE.

When: between May 8-15, 2020

Where: online

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