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HYPE | Weekly online program guide

At the beginning of the week, you can still catch the exemplary initiative of the contemporary galleries of the region, and we’ve also collected lots and lots of things to read and watch for the upcoming days, starting with the new issue of Disegno, through a film presenting the history of seating to the educational materials of Maform. Let’s see the details!

not cancelled east x south

The not cancelled east x south project was launched by galleries Sariev (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) and LambdaLambdaLambda (Pristina, Kosovo) with the aim of allowing galleries on the periphery of the contemporary art market representing the most dominant artists of the local art scene to appear in the online space in the framework of an international event. The visual art galleries from Southern, Central and Eastern Europe present online exhibitions, and various live content, broadcasts, talks and guided tours are also available on the website until May 18. The participating 17 galleries represent 8 countries of our region, and you can meet three Hungarian galleries in the initiative: KisteremTrapéz  and Molnár Ani Gallery.

When: between May 12-18, 2020

Where: online

Chair Times – Vitra Design Museum

Almost each and every iconic chair of design history can be found in the collection of Vitra Design Museum, and now the institution published a film about the history of seating furniture. The 90-minute movie presents the pieces of the collection from the 1800s to the 3D printed chairs of today. Designers, the director and curators of the museum and collectors guide us through and present such famous pieces of furniture as the Thonet chair, the Panton chair, Marcel Breuer’s tubular chairs, the works of the Eames couple and Philippe Starck, also featuring Chair One of Konstantin Grcic in one of the scenes, which may look familiar to us from the metro station at Szent Gellért tér. 

Where: online

Maform Classroom

Maform was founded by Géza Csire and Péter Molnár in 2010. Today, the team has much more members, and they focus on industrial design, user interface design and visual identity. Maform launched the Maform Classroom series in response to the increased need for online learning. The educational materials provide instructions from many areas of design broken down to steps. The posts on sketching and visualizations are already available on the studio’s blog!

Where: online

 Disegno – Free-for-All

The new issue of Disegno , the Hungarian periodical on design culture has been published by Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design! In the issue titled “Free-for-All” available online, you can find articles on the role of design in light of posthuman theories, the opportunities of sacredness in the field of social design, the School of Ulm regarded by many as the successor of Bauhaus and many other subjects. The graphics of the cover were made by Borka Skrapits, and the related photo materials present the textile experiments of EJTech. The issue can be downloaded on the website of Disegno

Where: online

Neri Oxman & Paola Antonelli Q&A

Neri Oxman’s exhibition opened in the  Museum of Modern Art in New York not long before the pandemic was announced. Neri Oxman and her team create at the frontier of design, architecture, computer design and material sciences: in their cross-genre projects, they investigate whether the digital printing of the perfected natural material structures can be put to use in the field of architecture in the future, amongst others. Although the exhibition is still closed, the discursive programs accompanying it are held in the online space, and so the live Q&A with MoMA curator Paola Antonelli and Neri Oxman is also available on the YouTube channel of the institution.

Where: online

acb gallery– Gymnastics

Similarly to their previous show, the second online exhibition of acb Gallery titled Gymnastics is also available in the virtual space of their warehouse resembling an apartment. “The strive and need to be fit, healthy as well as the longing for sharing pleasure becoming ever so significant even in regard to mental well-being” – says the description of the exhibition. The artworks showcased draw on the topic of the body, movement and eroticism, which we can view from a new angle owing to our current isolation.

Where: online

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