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HYPE | Weekly program guide

Although it’s almost the end of January, the year is just about to really start off – at least in terms of programs. Each day of this week offers something exciting: bag-making workshops, exhibition opening in Ludwig Museum, discussions about ethical design and the life of freelancers abroad, introduction into the world of collage books organized by MaDok Program, magazine issue and publication launches as well as a calligraphy workshop for beginners. Let’s see the details!

Written by Noémi Viski

London calling! Bence Csernák and Ethics for design

Designer Movie Nights is an excellent initiative to learn from each other and to receive first-hand information about the career opportunities in the field of design. The event goes something like this: each night they invite someone who holds an inspiring talk about his or her profession, after which participants watch a movie together, with a topic related either closely or more loosely to the design problems subject to the talk. At the next DMN evening, freelancer designer Bence Csernák will talk about his experiences in London in the field of design and business, and participants will watch the movie Ethics for Design focusing on responsible and ethical design.

When: January 20, 2020, Monday, 19:30-22:30

Where: Bem Mozi

More info: Event

Tiger in the Museum 05 – Nation and Magic

Another MaDok program, that is, another Tiger in the Museum in Café Lumen. We always highly recommend the events of the program series, because we know they will focus on topics that bring us one step closer to understanding the role of museums today. This time, Zsófia Frazon will talk about the world of collage books and their aspects related to museum collections with curators Borka Csejdy, Lili Hitka and Bea Istvánkó as well as visual artist Zsolt Keserue. 

When: January 20, 2020, Monday, 18:00-20:00

Where: Café Lumen

More info: Event

Activist Tote Bag Design

Közkincs Community Library defines itself as a feminist library and a place fir critical thinking. In that spirit, their next event will focus on a message-sending object that tells about the interests and political stance of the person wearing it. On the evening of January 21, Közkincs Library will welcome everyone who wants to spice up their boring canvas totes under the aegis of activism or who wishes to create a brand new statement piece.

When: January 21, 2020, Tuesday, 19:00-22:00

Where: Közkincs Könyvtár

More info: Event

Shine! Fashion and Glamour – book launch

Pieces of Je Suis BelleUSE UnusedPéterfy Bori and the stage dresses of Hungarian showgirl Ilona Medveczky – just a few examples from the temporary exhibition of Kiscelli Museum titled Shine! Fashion and Glamour – you can see it until March 15, if you haven’t already done so. Shining, the presence of light and its role in fashion stand in the focus of the exhibition, which aims to present how and why glittering got an important role in the garments of different eras and social layers. The launch of the catalogue related to the exhibition will be held on January 22 at Kiscelli Museum: actress-presenter Evelin Dobos, art dealer and collector Eleni Korani and fashion historian Judit Anna Szatmári will talk about the brilliant clothes. On the occasion of the day of Hungarian culture, admission is free from 16:00.

When: January 22, 2020, Wednesday, 17:00-18:30

Where: Kiscelli Museum

More info: Event

Exhibition opening | The Dead Web – The End

Have you ever imagined what the world would be like without internet? Although you might still remember the pre-internet times, and so the task does not seem impossible, the use of the world wide web became an integral part of our everyday life. Its overnight end would have severe economic and political implications, not to mention its impact on several other areas of life. The exhibition of Ludwig Museum The Dead Web – The End will open this week: the show outlines exciting ideas about the internet and the absence of the same by presenting the works of artists from Québec, Switzerland and Hungary, too.

When: January 23, 2020, Thursday, 18:00-21:00

Where: Ludwig Museum

More info: Event

Artlocator » Our twenties

Artlocatorprepares a special evening for the audience: the start of the new decade brings a new chapter in the life of the contemporary art magazine, too. You can learn more about this at Négyszoba Gallery on Friday from 18:00, and you can also see the installation of Anikó Süttő, one of the nominees of Esterházy award 2019. The new limited edition Artlocator issue will be available for sale at the event.

When: January 24, 2020, Friday, 18:00-21:00

Where: Négyszoba Gallery

More info: Event

Purse workshop at Közben

Founded in April 2019, Közben is a showroom and workshop at once: it functions as the common creative and show space of the brands KELE ClothingRisoPlantVanda Berecz and NÓWA. This Saturday, they do not only invite those wishing to expand their wardrobes with a hand-made purse to observe, but also to participate in a creative adventure. At the leather workshop, Vanda Berecz and Noémi Wakabayashi (the designer of NÓWA) will guide us through the materials and help us create something truly unique from design to the last stitches.

When: January 25, 2020, Saturday, 11:00-18:00

Where: Közben

More info: Event

Calligraphy workshop for beginners

The calligraphy workshop for beginners organized by Plante Budapest is a perfect week ending program, where participants can learn the basics of using dip pens and penmanship. For whom could this be useful? Basically everyone who wants to improve the form of their writing, greet their loved ones with hand-made cards, or would like to make the graphical materials necessary for their business (e.g. event planning catering) more exigent and unique.

When: January 26, 2020, Sunday, 17:30-21:30

Where: Plante Budapest

More info: Event

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