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Imagined reality | Hugo Fournier

Pastel tones, dream-like scenes and unconventional, abstract compositions: in the creations of French Hugo Fournier, architecture, design and technology meet imagination, and are taking us to a utopist world.

As a digital artist, Hugo Fournier created two-dimensional creations in the beginning, but soon he found himself confined and limited: “3D art resolved my frustration and gave immense freedom for self-expression – to create the imagined landscapes, buildings and objects” – Hugo told us. His visual world and his personal, unconventional scenes represent the artist’s own longing to escape: “I create spaces in which I would be happy to be, in which our everyday, ordinary objects are mixed with abstract shapes” – Hugo highlighted.

Empty Room
Californian Sunset
Dans le désert
Le Piscine
Maison Bulle I
Maison Bulle III
Relaxing Space
Somewhere in the Desert

His future aims include taking his digital images out of the virtual space, transforming them into real 3D installations. The good news is that the surreal creations will soon be available in the form of prints on the website of the artist. We are looking forward to it very much!

Go and explore Hugo’s work on his Instagram account.

Hugo Fournier | Web | Instagram

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