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In the magical landscapes of Poland | Białowieza National Park

The charm of Poland is given not only by its rapidly developing cities, but also by the rich natural heritage that is preserved in twenty-three national parks today. In our new series, we highlight one of these favorites, which might be a perfect hiking destination in the future.

Our first stop is the Białowieza National Park, a site on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979. The park is located on the border of Poland and Belarus, and is home to the only contiguous primeval forest in Europe that used to cover most of the continent.

In the area, which is extremely rich in wildlife, you can also meet the last herds of free-living European bison.

The forest, which used to serve as a royal hunting ground throughout history, can be visited again by everyone within the National Park. It is a real time travel where we can breathe together with the primeval nature.

Source: Poland.travel, Világjáró Utazási Magazin

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