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Lamps inspired by space | Lunaris

The pieces of Polish designer Katarzyna Jasyk’s latest collection are on the verge between visual arts and design. The designer turned to constellations for inspiration when designing her new lamps.

Katarzyna Jasyk‘s lamps reach way beyond the category of simple lighting elements: the design objects dominating the entire interior which they form part of are almost statuesque. Even though the designer worked with her two favorite materials, metal and glass, she aimed for light and airy objects.

The peculiarity of the lamp structures made of glass and metal lies in that they reach from floor to ceiling, and thus can also serve as partitioning elements. They come in two colors, black and copper, and are perfect for both community and private spaces, according to the designer. 

“When designing the Lunaris line of floor lamps, I was looking for inspiration in space: I wanted a solid metal lamp to look airy, slightly ephemeral” – says the designer about her collection.

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