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LEGO covers

FlashArt‘s latest cover also features one of the image structures of István Felsmann built out of legos, proving that lego is so eternal and timeless that it is not only a permanent part of the games industry, but of art, as well.
What can be expressed with it? Almost anything.
And on the ‘lego albums’ tumblr site we discovered in the past few days, Harry Heaton tries his best to fulfil all the recommendations/requests he is bombarded with by lego and music fans. Browsing through the covers it becomes obvious that the truly fine covers are the ones we can identify instantly.

However, it does not stop there, as quite many things are necessary for one to be able to identify them. It depends on when you were borne, what music you prefer, whether you have ever wandered around in music stores with your eyes open, the success of the particular cover, and, of course, our receptiveness also plays a huge part.
After finding my favorite foreign albums, I decided to create a series featuring famous Hungarian bands, landmark albums and those who have made musical history.

Check out the 14 album covers below: (if you’re having trouble with identifying them, the solutions are right below the images, you just need to highlight them)