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Lost in Bratislava | #stayhomecreative

Not so long ago, the photos of emptied out metropolises were all we could see in the media: several big cities of the world have shown a profile that we could easily imagine as sets of post-apocalyptic movies. One can also find the beauty in the apocalypse-atmosphere that the empty squares and abandoned streets suggest. After conquering the streets of Budapest, now we take a virtual trip to Bratislava to see how the Slovakian capital would look like if we let some creatives take it over. This time, in the special edition of #stayhomecreative, we introduce graphic designers and illustrators living and working in Slovakia. 

Alexandra Just | Instagram

Hedviga Gutierrez | Instagram

Lívia Suchá | Instagram

Marta Mészárosová | Instagram

Matej Mihályi | Instagram

Peter Ličko | Instagram

Saša Buricová | Instagram

Bianka Török | Instagram

Veronika Pažická | Instagram

The black and white photos were made by Slovakian photographer Petra Hurai, whom we would like to thank here once again!

Petra Hurai | Instagram

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In our #stayhomecreative mini series, we invite creators whose work we keep an eye on and whom you should follow, too!

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