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Our dog means a lot of things to us: it is our play pal, running partner, psychologist and the most loyal friend at the same time. Taking such a wonderful pet in our home is not only a privilege, but a responsibility at once, which can have its challenges in the urban environment. The team of Madzag aims to make the everyday life of dog-owners and their dogs as joyful and easy as possible.

The brand’s designer, Melinda Molnár, pays particular attention to practicability, sophistication and the perfect balance of the two when designing their collars and leashes, which is also manifested in the latest collection quite spectacularly.

The NEW WAVE pieces differ from all previous collars in their design, however, wearing them is just as safe and comfortable for the dogs.

The collection was inspired by music – the designer’s source of inspiration come from the 80s: the music of Joy Division, Blondie and New order. 

Each and every piece is hand-made in Budapest, from the finest Italian leather.

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