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Magda Biernat | Adrift

The pairs of photos depicting the Antarctic icebergs and hunting cabins stand as silent witnesses to the threats posed by global warming. 

In 2013, Polish photographer Magda Biernat traveled from the Antarctic to the Arctic Circle, through seventeen countries in the Americas. In the course of her journey, she investigated how human habitation responds to and reflects harsh landscapes and documented the means with which societies adapt to changing climates, both cultural and physical. 

Average temperatures in the Arctic and Antarctic regions are rising twice as fast as they are elsewhere in the world. As a result, more and more icebergs are breaking off from glacial floes: these gigantic blocks of ice disappear in the ocean at a rate faster than ever before. 

On the sensual photos, the empty hunting cabins of the Inupiat are mirrors of the lone ice mountains in the south: singular polar structures under pressure by a changing ecosystem. 

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