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Medve sajt celebrates with the drawings of Hungarian illustrators

Our all-time favorite ‘Medve sajt’ cheese turned ninety this year, and to celebrate this important landmark, five Hungarian illustrators revived the little joys of our everyday life on the limited edition packagings.

Medvesajt, mackósajt, macisajt, kockasajt – almost every household in Hungary knows the cheese produced in Hungary from the very beginning and called by so many names over the years. The founder of the brand, Frigyes Stauffer introduced the manufacturing technology of processed cheese in Hungary, and the round-box cheese from Répcelak has been a part of the little everyday joys of Hungarians for ninety years.

As a way of celebrating the anniversary, we could already see the re-produced retro packaging on the shelves of department stores in March this year, and on the new editions released this August, the illustrations of Aliz Buzás, Dávid Cserkuti, Csaba Klement, Gergely Kolláth and Kornél Rátkai will greet us.

The brand also invited consumers to take part in celebrating: they conducted a representative survey to see what events bring them joy in their everyday lives, like the feeling of meeting a taste known from our childhood again in the form of cheese. These little joys inspired the invited illustrators, too, who drew the joyful and lovely moments for the brand.

This is how the 90-year-old Medve sajt packaging brings to life smelling rain as depicted by Aliz Buzás, the happy welcoming of Gergely Kolláth’s pet, and Kornél Rátkai’s breakfast in bed comes. For Csaba Klement, the nostalgic drawings inspired by childhood memories give little joys, while Dávid Cserkuti evokes the experience of admiring a sunset together.

And what’s behind their choices?

“Medve sajt makes me think of my childhood instantly”justified Csaba Klement his choice of topic. – “In addition, children’s drawings, simple and colorful figures are also close to my style.”

“I chose this little joy because I love it when it rains in the summer, and you can smell the hazy, warm scent of concreteMoreover, the round box of the Medve sajt comes quite in handy for displaying the shape of an umbrella” – Aliz Buzás told us.

At the same time, the campaign also recalls the times when the majority of advertising materials were made with unique illustrations and the whole industry worked according to different standards. As every illustrator shows their unique visual language to us on the packagings, we also get to know the work of the creators a little bit better.

“While people could see many of our works over the years, they only tend to know the names of a small part of the illustrators creating them – perhaps those buying story books, parents could form an exception to this rule. Therefore, in addition to letting us express a little joy with our own visual tools as creators, this campaign also allowed us to take a step towards the spotlight and to put a name and face next to our drawings” – Dávid Cserkuti told us.

“It’s a great pleasure that there is a brand that dared to take on a project like this, and decided to celebrate its birthday by providing a completely unique platform to illustrators, amongst others.” –  seconds Dávid’s thought Kornél Rátkai.

Dávid Cserkuti is an Alfabéta award-winning graphic designer, Aliz Buzás has worked for the Washington Post and Tisza previously, Kornél Rátkai illustrates story books, Csaba Klement has already made an animation video for Odett, while Gergely Kolláth works as an UI designer.

You can read more about the story of the 90-year-old Medve sajt here.

Aliz Buzás | Web Facebook Instagram | Behance
Dávid Cserkuti |Web Instagram
Csaba Klement | Web Facebook Instagram
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