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MOME students give a hand to NGOs | Movement

MOME Movement announced a contest and awaits the application of Hungarian non-profit organizations to help them in their visual communication. They primarily seek to give a hand to organizations pursuing public interest activities, which, for budgetary or other reasons, don’t have a visual brand identity yet.

Now for the third time, the MOME Movement initiative shows how young talents can do charity work and provide real help to organizations that are working for a better world. At first, the movement was running as a student-founded grassroots initiative. By now—without losing its momentum—it grew into an academic course to design brand identities.

Graphic design and design culture students have teamed up again this year, forming the backbone of the Movement team, and they’re awaiting the applications of organizations struggling with their visual image until March 9, midnight.

The Hungarian-language application form can be found here, or visit this link for more information.

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Source: mome.hu

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